This page provides an easy reference-guide to the more common faults that are likely to afflict your machine. Obviously, the opportunities are almost limitless for faults to occur as a result of obscure failures, and to try and cover all eventualities would require to write a book or an complete internet-site. Successful fault diagnosis is not a mysterious 'black art' but the application of a bit of knowledge combined with a systematic and accurately approach to the problem. Approach any fault diagnosis by first accurately identifying the symptom and then checking through the list of possible causes, starting with the the simplest or most obvious and progressing in stages to the most complex. Take nothing for granted, but above all apply liberal quantities of common sense.
The motorcycle is split up in different categories and the main symptom of a fault is given in the navigation bar on the left-side, by choosing your problem and click on it, you will go to the next page where the details of each possible cause for a fault and the remedial action to be taken are given in a brief way.

Note:If a fault is thought to lie in the fuel or ignition systems, the simplest solution may well be to take your BMW to an authorized dealer.

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