Introduction Manual

On the main-navigation of this section you will see the chapters this manual is build off.

Each Chapter is divided into numbered sections. Within these sections are numbered paragraphs. Cross-reference throughout the manual is quite straightforward and logical. When reference is made 'See Section 6.10' it means Section 6, paragraph 10 in the same Chapter. If another Chapter were intended, the reference would read, for example, 'See Chapter 2, Section 6.10'. All the photographs are captioned with a section/paragraph number to which they refer and are relevant to the Chapter text adjacent.

Figures (usually line illustrations) appear in a logical but numerical order, within a given Chapter. Fig. 1.1 therefore refers to the first figure in Chapter 1.

Left-hand and right-hand descriptions of the machines and their components refer to the left and right of a given machine when the rider is seated normally.

Motorcycle manufacturers continually make changes to specifications and recommendations, and these, when notified, are incorporated into our manuals at the earliest opportunity.


Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the information in this manual is correct, no liability can be accepted by the author and publisher of this site for loss, damage or injury caused by any errors in or omissions from, the information given.


The history of BMW