Maintenance - Routine Maintenance

4. Check the coolant level

Since the coolant level varies with engine temperature, it must be checked only when the machine is cold. The expansion tank situated beneath the right-hand side panel has a level tube of clear plastic mounted on its front end with 'Maximum' and 'Minimum' level marks on the tank itself. If the level of coolant in the tube is below the minimum level mark, the tank should be topped up to the maximum mark by removing the filler cap and adding the specified type of coolant. See Chapter 4 - Cooling.

If the coolant requires repeated topping-up, the reason for the loss should be investigated as described in Chapter 4 - Cooling.; only very small losses should occur in normal use. If the level tube is so discolored that the coolant level can not be seen, it should be renewed and the system should be refilled using the specified, nitride-free, antifreeze.

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Coolant level must maintained between expansion tank level lines, check only when engine is cold