Maintenance - Major Service

2. Change the gearbox oil

The machine must be taken on a journey of sufficient length to warm up the gearbox to normal operating temperature before the oil is drained.
With the machine supported on its center stand on level ground, remove the filler and drain plugs and allow the oil to drain into a suitable container; a cardboard chute should be fabricated to direct the oil into the container, away from the center stand. While the oil is draining, clean the drain plug carefully, wiping any metal particles off its magnetic insert, and renew its sealing washer if it is worn, flattened or damaged. When the oil is fully drained, refit the drain plug and tighten it securely to the specified torque wrench setting, where available.

Fill the gearbox with the correct amount of the specified type and viscosity of oil, then check the oil level as described in the Minor Service - Check the gearbox oil level operation.

Gearbox oil drain plug is fitted with a magnetic insert - clean carefully