Maintenance - Major Service

17. Check the swinging arm pivot bearings

With the machine supported on its center stand on level ground, check for play by pushing and pulling alternately on the end of the swinging arm, while holding the frame firmly. If any free play is discovered, remove the left-hand footrest plate and slacken the swinging arm adjustable pivot stub locknut.

Tighten the adjustable pivot stub as hard as possible, using hand pressure alone on an ordinary Allen key, then slacken it fully and retighten it to the specified torque wrench setting. Hold the stub in that position and tighten the locknut securely, to its specified torque wrench setting, if possible.

If play still exists, one or both of the pivot bearings are worn and must be renewed.
Note that the swinging arm must be removed (see Chapter 8 - Final Drive) to permit the pivot bearings to be greased.

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