Maintenance - Minor Service

3. Check the final drive case oil level

With the machine supported on its center stand on level ground, remove the filler plug from the final drive case. The oil level should be up to the bottom thread of the filler plug orifice ie 12 mm (0.47 in) below the machined filter plug sealing surface - the filler plug must not dip into the oil.

Remove any surplus oil using a syringe or similar, to prevent oil being blown an to the rear tire or brake components via the breather. If topping up is necessary, use only good quality ail of the specified type.

Renew the sealing washer if it is damaged or worn and refit the filler plug, tightening it securely to the specified torque setting (where given).

Wash off any spilt oil from the housing end swinging arm.

Remove final drive case filler plug to check oil level