Maintenance - Minor Service

2. Check the gearbox oil level

With the machine supported upright on its center stand on level ground, remove the gearbox oil filler plug. The C-spanner provided in the machine's toolkit is also designed to serve as a dipstick for the gearbox.

If the spanner, part number 71 11 2 300 061, is not available, it can be ordered from any authorized BMW dealer or a substitute can be fabricated from the dimensions shown in the accompanying illustration. Insert the spanner into the gearbox filter orifice until the spanner's shoulder rests on the machined filter plug seating surface. The oil level should be above the minimum mark formed by the spanner's bottom end, but below the maximum mark formed by the line etched across the spanner handle.

Remove any surplus oil. If topping up is necessary use only good quality oil of the specified type. Renew the scaling washer if it is damaged or worn and refit the filler plug, tightening it securely, to the specified torque setting (where given).

Wash off any spilt oil.

Remove gearbox filler plug to check oil level

Use good quality oil of specified type when topping up

Dipstick "                                Big"
Gearbox oil level dipstick (click on figure to enlarge)