Maintenance - Minor Service

5.3 Adjusting the valve clearances without service tools

Owners who do not have access to the service tools mentioned above should note that it is possible to adjust the clearances without them, but that this involves a much longer procedure which requires very accurate measurements of the clearances.
The task is outlined below; refer to the relevant Sections of Chapter 1 - Engine for full details.

Measure and record carefully the clearances of all valves ( see section 5.1). lf any require adjustment, remove the engine front and right-hand outer covers and withdraw the camshafts. See Chapter 1 - Engine.

Note that only one camshaft should be removed at a time, to avoid confusion, and that great care must be taken to avoid shims dropping clear and becoming mixed up; remove the camshaft very slowly and substitute a wooden dowel or similar to retain the shims as soon as possible.

Measure or note the shim thicknesses and obtain thinner or thicker shims as described above, and refit them securely to the cam follower recesses.

When all valves have been adjusted, refit the camshafts, set the valve timing and refit the cam chain, then re-check all valve clearances. lf the work has been sufficiently accurate, the clearances will be correct; if not, repeat the procedure until all are correct. As described above, make a careful note of all relevant information so that an accurate picture can be built up of the rate of valve or valve gear wear. When adjustment is complete, refit the engine outer covers and other disturbed components.

Note that if the clearances required significant alteration it will be necessary to check the synchronization of the throttle butterfly assembly. See Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil.