Manual - Chapter 2 Clutch

2. Removal

  1. Although the clutch release mechanism is located on the gearbox housing rear end and can be dismantled with the gearbox in place, except for the pushrod (75 models), if the clutch itself requires attention the gearbox must be removed to gain access to it. Refer to Chapter 3 - Gearbox.
  2. The clutch can be serviced with the engine in the frame, or it can be removed with the engine and dismantled on the bench. Refer to Chapter 1 - Engine for details of engine removal.
  3. Check the gearbox input shaft and clutch friction plate centre splines whenever the gearbox is removed, lubricating them on reassembly, and also take the opportunity to overhaul the clutch operating mechanism.
  4. Note also the two large locating dowels protruding from the bell housing rear surface: these should be checked whenever the gearbox is removed. See Section 4.

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