6. Alternator: removal and refitting

  1. Remove both side panels and the alternator cover.
  2. Remove the fuel injection control unit and storage tray. See Chapter 5 - Fuel system electrical components: removal, examination and refitting. Remove the battery, as described in Maintenance - Major Service - Check the battery.
  3. Disconnect the connector plug from the alternator rear end, then remove the three mounting bolts and pull the unit backwards out of the bellhousing.
  4. If required, the shock absorber outer body and the cooling fan can be withdrawn from the alternator shaft. Clamping the body or fan as securely but as lightly as possible in a vice to prevent rotation, unscrew the retaining nut and withdraw the body and fan with the locating Woodruff key.
  5. On reassembly, refit the locating key, then the fan and shock absorber body, aligning their keyways with the key. Fit the retaining nut and washer, lock the fan or body as firmly as possible without damaging them, then tighten the nut to its specified torque setting.
  6. Refit the rubber blocks to the shock absorber body and apply a smear of lubricant to them to ease refitting as the alternator is placed on the drive flange. Tighten its mounting bolts securely to the specified torque setting where given.
  7. Refit the connector plug to the alternator rear end then refit all other disturbed components.

fig 10.2
Fig. 10.2 Alternator

1 Screw - 3 off 8 Slip ring 15 Voltage regulator/brush holder 22 Shock absorber body
2 Front cover 9 Stator 16 Bolt - 2 off 23 Spring washer
3 Bearing 10 Bearing 17 Brush - 2 off 24 Nut
4 Retainer 11 O-ring 18 Screw - 3 off 25 Shock absorber rubber - 3 off
5 Screw - 2 off 12 Screw - 4 off 19 Washer - 3 off
6 Washer - 2 off 13 Rectifier 20 Locating key
7 Rotor 14 Rear cover 21 Cooling fan

6.1 Alternator cover is retained by two Allen screws

6.3a Disconnect the alternator connector plug ...

6.3b ... unscrew the three mounting bolts ...

6.3c ... and pull the alternator away from the drive.

6.4 Unscrew retaining nut to release shock absorber body and fan

6.5a On reassembly refit cooling fan and Woodruff key

6.5b Tighten retaining nut to specified torque setting

6.6 Fit shock absorber rubbers as shown and lubricate to aid refitting

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