Manual - Chapter 1 Engine

33. refitting the auxiliary drive shaft components and the bellhousing

  1. Lubricate the crankcase bearings. Ensuring that it has been thoroughly cleaned and degreased, and assembled with clean engine oil, fit as a single unit the auxiliary drive shaft.
  2. Position the starter idler shaft spring (where fitted, early 100 models) around the crankcase webs with the narrower of its two protruding ears upwards; the spring outer diameter should bear against the starter clutch gear pinion, as should be shown by the wear marks. Refit the idler shaft and place the thrust washer and a new sealing O-ring on the auxiliary drive shaft rear end, using a dab of grease to retain them.
  3. Check that the two locating dowels are firmly fixed in the crankcase mating surface; each must protrude by 6.5 - 7.0 mm (0.26 - 0.28 in). Apply a thin film of jointing compound to the mating surface.
  4. Lubricate the bearing in the bellhousing and make a final check that the starter clutch is operating correctly; it should lock when the gear pinion is rotated anticlockwise but rotate freely when it is turned clockwise. Refit the bellhousing and tighten securely and evenly its retaining Torx screws; use the torque wrench setting where specified. Refit and tighten the frame/bellhousing mounting bolt to the specified torque setting.
  5. Check that the two large locating dowels and the clutch housing rubber fillet are firmly fixed in place in the bell housing rear mating surface; each of the dowels must protrude by 6.5 - 7.0 mm (0.26 - 0.28 in).
  6. Check that the new O-ring and the thrust washer are in place on the auxiliary drive shaft rear end then fit the alternator drive flange. Apply a few drops of Loctite 273 FL or similar thread-locking compound to the threads of its retaining bolt and temporarily refit the clutch housing and locking device to prevent rotation while the bolt is screwed in and tightened to the specified torque wrench setting. Refit the crankshaft cover, as described in the next Section.
  7. Refit the clutch (Chapter 2 - Clutch) and the gearbox and final drive (Chapter 3 - Gearbox). Refit the alternator (Chapter 10 - Electrical) and the ignition HT coils (Chapter 6 - Ignition).

33.2a Fit auxiliary drive shaft, followed by (where fitted) idler shaft spring, as shown

33.2b Fit starter idler shaft - note thrust washer and O-ring on auxiliary drive shaft rear end

33.3 Apply sealant to bellhousing mating surface - note two locating dowels (arrowed)

33.6 Tighten alternator drive retaining bolt to specified torque setting - note gearbox locating dowels (arrowed) and rubber fillet