Manual - Chapter 1 Engine

35. refitting the ancillary components

  1. Refit the ignition trigger assembly and set the ignition timing as carefully as possible.
    See Chapter 6 - Ignition. Remember to take the machine to a good BMW authorised dealer for the timing to be checked as soon as possible.
  2. Refit the oil/water pump assembly (see Chapters 4 - Cooling and Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil). and the pump pick-up and sump (oil pan) as described in Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil.
  3. Ensuring that the HT leads are refitted to their correct terminals, refit the spark plugs and HT leads and connect the leads to the coils. Refit the spark plug cover. See Routine Maintenance - Spark plugs check and Chapter 6 - Ignition.
  4. Refit the coolant hose stub. See Chapter 4 - Cooling.
  5. Working as described in Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil, refit the EECS valve and hose (where fitted), the intake stubs and throttle bodies, the plenum chamber and crankcase breather, the fuel rail and injectors and the air filter assembly. Ensure that the engine wiring harness is routed correctly and secured by any clamps or ties provided.
  6. Refit the clutch. See Chapter 2 - Clutch.
  7. Refit the gearbox (Chapter 3 - Gearbox) with the stand assembly, then refit the alternator and starter motor (Chapter 10 - Electrical). Assemble the swinging arm, drive shaft final drive case, rear brake components and rear wheel as described in Chapter 8 - Final Drive.
  8. Check that all components have been refitted which have been disturbed and that the frame and engine/transmission unit are now ready to be assembled.