Manual - Chapter 1 Engine

6. Dismantling the engine unit: removing the outer covers


  1. While specific instructions are given below for each cover, the following general notes apply to all.
  2. Since all are well above the level of oil there is no need to drain the engine oil before removing any of these covers but be prepared to mop up or catch the small] amount of on that will be released as the cover is removed.
  3. Wipe off all traces of dirt from around the cover before removing it, so that nothing drops into the engine.
  4. Take care not to stretch or damage the rubber seals fitted to the cylinder head and crankcase covers; these can be re-used many times if they are undamaged.
  5. Always slacken screws by a turn at a time, working in a diagonal sequence from the outside inwards. When all pressure is released, remove the screws, tap the cover lightly once or twice with a soft-faced mallet to break the seal and pull the cover away.

Cylinder head (engine left-hand) cover

  1. On Kl00 RT and Kl00 LT models remove the fairing left-hand knee pad and lower side section. Where fitted, remove the belly fairing, or engine spoiler. See Chapter 7 Frame & Forks. Remove the spark plug cover (see Routine Maintenance - Check the spark plugs) and pack the spark plug channel with rag or similar to prevent oil from flowing into it.
  2. On early Kl00 and Kl00 RS models remove the two drain plugs screwed into the cover and place the machine on its side stand so that any oil remaining in the cover can drip out. On all other models be prepared to catch the residual oil as the cover is removed.
  3. Remove the ten (75 models) or twelve (100 models) bolts securing the cover and withdraw it, noting the presence of the coil spring fitted to one of the camshaft bearing caps. Mop up any spilt oil; do not allow oil flow into the spark plug channel.

Crankshaft (engine right-hand) cover

  1. On Kl00 RS, Kl00 RT and Kl00 LT models remove the fairing right-hand knee pad, lower side section and radiator cover. Where fitted, remove the engine spoiler or belly fairing and the radiator cover panels. See Chapter 7 Frame & Forks.
  2. Drain the coolant if not already done, then disconnect and remove the radiator bottom hose. See Chapter 4 - Cooling.
  3. Remove the eight (75 models) or ten (100 models) bolts securing the cover and withdraw it.

Cam chain (engine front) cover

  1. It is possible to remove this cover after merely slackening the crankshaft cover bolts and removing the two cylinder head cover front bolts; however this is not recommended as it is not possible to clean the sealing surfaces well enough to guarantee a leak-free joint on reassembly. Start by removing both engine side covers as described in paragraphs 6-11 above.
  2. Remove the complete ignition trigger assembly as described in Chapter 6 - Ignition.
  3. Disconnect the oil pressure switch wire and feed it downwards clear of the front cover, releasing the metal securing clips. Remove the horn (75 models only).
  4. Remove the cover retaining screws and withdraw the cover noting the two gaskets, one along each mating surface, and the two locating dowels set in the top mating surface. Always renew the gaskets to prevent leaks.