Manual - Chapter 1 Engine

9. Dismantling the engine unit: removing the cylinder head

  1. If the engine is in the frame a large amount of preliminary dismantling is necessary before the head can be removed. Proceed as follows, referring to Section 4 - Removing engine unit from the frame of this Chapter for information on the full procedures
  2. On Kl00 RS, Kl00 RT and Kl00 LT models remove the fairing kneepads and lower side sections and radiator cover. On K75 S models, owners may wish to gain additional working space by removing the fairing. The engine spoiler or belly fairing and the radiator cover panels (where fitted) must be removed. Lift the seat, remove both side panels and disconnect the battery (negative terminal first) then remove the fuel tank and the exhaust system.
  3. Remove the air intake hose; drain the cooling system and disconnect the radiator bottom hose. Remove the ignition HT coil cover and disconnect the throttle and choke cables.
  4. Slacken the intake stub clips and the clips at the plenum chamber ends of the crankcase breather and air filter hoses. Disconnect the fuel rail hoses and the fuel injector wires, also all electrical leads from components on the throttle body assembly.
  5. Noting that it may be necessary to gain extra working space by removing the air filter top and the element, carefully withdraw the plenum chamber/throttle body assembly, ensuring that all control cables and electrical leads are disconnected, also the fuel and vacuum hoses from the pressure regulator.
  6. Disconnect the radiator top hose. The coolant and intake stubs and the fuel rail and injectors need only be removed, if required. Remove the HT leads and spark plugs.
  7. Referring to Sections 6 and Section 8 of this Chapter, remove the engine outer covers and the camshafts and cam chain components.
  8. Check that all components have been removed or disconnected which will prevent the lifting of the cylinder head, then remove the engine front left-hand mounting bolt and nut, noting the presence and number of any shims which might be fitted.
  9. Working in a diagonal sequence from the outside inwards, progressively and evenly slacken the cylinder head bolts and then remove them with their washers; there are 8 bolts on 75 models, ten on 100 models.
  10. Tap the head firmly at a suitably-reinforced point to break the seal without risking damage and withdraw it.
  11. Peel off the gasket and discard it. Note the two locating dowels; unless firmly fixed in the cylinder block these should be removed and stored safely.

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