2. Final Drive: removal

  1. Remove the rear wheel. See Chapter 9.
  2. Remove the single retaining screw and carefully prise the speedometer impulse transmitter out of the housing. If the final drive is to be dismantled, drain the oil as described in Routine Maintenance; if not. remember to store it upright to prevent any loss of oil and to keep the transmitter orifice plugged with clean rag to prevent the entry of dirt. Remove the transmitter wire from the guide provided.
  3. If the final drive is to be dismantled, on machines with disc rear brakes apply the rear brake firmly to prevent rotation and unscrew the disc mounting screws; on machines with drum rear brakes remove the brake shoes and the operating lever and camshaft. Whether the final drive is to be dismantled or not, on machines with disc rear brakes remove the brake caliper and press the brake pipe grommet sideways out of the locating clamp; on machines with drum rear brakes disconnect the brake operating rod.
  4. Remove the suspension unit bottom mounting nut and washer then slacken the top mounting nut and bolt. Note: To prevent the risk of damage to the swinging arm or gearbox housing castings or the sealing gaiter, support the swinging arm in its normal working position ie no more than 349 mm (13.7 in) below the suspension unit top mounting. Either place a block of wood or similar under the arm or use a strong strap passed around the arm and the frame seat tubes to hold it at the required height. Never al low the swinging arm to drop suddenly and sharply. With the arm correctly supported, remove the suspension unit from its bottom mounting.
  5. Unscrew the four mounting bolts and withdraw the final drive housing from the swinging arm rear end; if necessary use a soft-faced mallet to tap the housing backwards off the locating dowels. If any sign of rust or water is detected check carefully the sealing gaiter and any other possible points of entry.

2.2 Speedometer impulse transmitter is retained by a single screw

2.3a Remove brake components if final drive is to be dismantled

2.3b Rear brake caliper is retained by two Allen bolts

2.3c Withdraw brake hose/pipe from swinging arm clamp

fig 8.1 Final Drive

1 Nut 10 Housing 19 Sealing washer 28 O-ring
2 Compression ring 11 Dowel - 2 off 20 Speedometer rotor 29 Housing cover -
3 Threaded ring 12 Stud 21 Tapper roll bearing 30 Bolt - 8 off
4 Oil seal 13 Filler plug 22 Shim 31 Washer - 8 off
5 Bearing 14 Sealing washer 23 Crownwheel 32 Housing cover -
6 Thrust ring 15 Breather cap 24 Plug 33 Brake shoe pivot -
7 Shim 16 Sleeve 25 Ball bearing 34 Camshaft sleeve -
8 Drive pinion 17 O-ring 26 Shim disc brake models
9 Needle roller bearing 18 Drain plug 27 Oil seal drum brake models