6. Swinging arm: examination and renovation

  1. The swinging arm pivot bearings incorporate seals and must be removed using a slide-hammer with the appropriate internally-expanding attachment.
  2. Thoroughly clean all components, removing all traces of dirt, foreign matter and old grease from the bearings and from the swinging arm casting.
  3. Check all components for signs of wear or damage, particularly the bearing outer and inner races, the rollers themselves and the bearing cage. Any component which is damaged or worn must be renewed.
  4. The bearing outer races must be extracted using a slide-hammer with the appropriate internally-expanding attachment. The grease retainer on the swinging arm right-hand side can be tapped out trom the inside, if required, by passing a drift through the drive shaft aperture; the left-hand side retainer can then be tapped out from behind, passing a drift through the swinging arm cross tube.
  5. On reassembly, the pivot bearing outer races can be tapped into place (after the grease retainers have been refitted) using a hammer and a tubular drift such as a socket spanner which bears only on the bearing outer edge. Tap each outer race into place until it seats on its locating shoulder. Pack the bearing inner races liberally with the specified grease and fit them to the swinging arm.
  6. Examine closely the condition of the sealing gaiter at the swinging arm front end; this must be renewed if it is split, torn, has deteriorated or is damaged in any way. To remove it, pull it out of the shaft, then remove the retaining circlip from inside it. On early 100 models the gaiter can be replaced by the modified type (with an additional internal front sealing lip to exclude water) fitted to all 75 models and to all later 100 models.
  7. On refitting the gaiter, ensure that it is installed the correct way round, with the internal sealing lip at the front and the end with the internal circlip groove at the rear, inside the swinging arm. Refitting is eased if the gaiter's inside and outside sealing surfaces are coated with the lubricant specified for the final drive splined joints (see Maintenance-Major Service). Refit the large circlip to the gaiter groove with its open end aligned with the rib on the swinging arm cross tube.

6.1 Slide-hammer with internally-expanding attachment is required to remove pivot bearings...

6.4 ...and bearing outer races. Note grease retainer behind outer race.

6.5 Pack bearings with specified grease on refitting.