8. Swinging arm and drive shaft: refitting

  1. Apply a coat of the specified lubricant to the splines of the gearbox output shaft, to the splines at each end of the drive shaft and to the inside of the swinging arm rubber gaiter. Check that the swinging arm bearings are refitted and fully packed with clean grease and that their respective circlips are refitted inside the rubber gaiter and inside the drive shaft front end. Apply a coat of anti-seize compound such as Copaslip or Never Seeze to the swinging arm pivot stubs.
  2. Note that the swinging arm must not be refitted with the drive shaft in place; the rubber gaiter cannot be correctly refitted to the gearbox if this is attempted.
  3. With the gaiter and bearings in place, fit the swinging arm to the rear of the gearbox housing and manoeuvre it to and fro until the gaiter sealing lips have snapped into place on the gearbox !lange; pull the swinging arm gently backwards to check that the gaiter is fully in place.
  4. Refit the fixed pivot stub to the gearbox housing and pivot bearing, then refit and tighten securely the three retaining Allen screws to the specified torque wrench setting, If available.
  5. Screw into the gearbox housing and left-hand pivot bearing the adjustable pivot stub. Tighten the stub as hard as possible by hand only, using an ordinary Allen key to preload the bearings, then slacken it fully and tighten it to the specified torque setting. Hold the stub In that position while the locknut is tightened securely, also to the specified torque wrench setting, if possible. Check that the swinging arm moves smoothly and easily throughout its full travel with no free play being discernible.
  6. Checking that its splines are properly lubricated, insert the drive shaft into the swinging arm and move it forwards until the front end engages with the gearbox output shaft. Push the shaft on to the output shaft splines until the locating circlip is heard to snap into its groove; pull the shaft gently backwards to check its security.
  7. Connect the clutch cable to the operating lever and adjust the release mechanism as described in Maintenance - Major Service- Check and Adjust the clutch.
  8. Refit the footrest plates, tightening their mounting balts and the exhaust silencer mounting nuts to the specified torque wrench settings, where available. Refit the brake components that were disturbed to withdraw the footrest.
  9. Refit the final drive housing as described in Section 4 of this Chapter - Final drive: refitting.


8.3 On refitting, swinging arm must be installed before drive shaft - check that sealing gaiter is securely fastened

8.4 Refit fixed pivot stub and tighten screws securely

8.5a Refit adjustable pivot stub and tighten as hard as possible by hand to preload bearings

8.5b Slacken pivot stub and tighten to specified torque setting

8.5c Tighten pivot stub locknut securely, to specified torque setting if possible