11. Fluidbloc steering damper: general - 75 models

  1. This component is fitted as standard to all K75C models from the end of 1985 onwards and to all K75S models; it can also be fitted to any earlier K75C model.
  2. It consists of a firm rubber bush set in the steering head lug and retained by two tapered screws or bolts which are of exactly the required length to penetrate the soft surface of the damper without tearing it and so cannot be swapped between models.
  3. The carefully shaped pattern on the damper's inside diameter, coupled with the use of silicone grease, gives sufficient friction to damp any fork movement greater than 1 degree side to side.
  4. The unit requires no maintenance since the grease specified is a long-life lubricant. If the steering head bearings are to be adjusted at any time remove the tapered screws or bolts so that the damper no longer exerts any damping effect which would otherwise give a false setting, and always take great care to protect the damper from other types of grease and from any damage when overhauling the steering head bearings.
  5. It will be necessary to remove the steering head bearings to remove or refit a Fluidbloc damper. If installing a new damper mark a line on its larger diameter at a point 7 mm (0.28 in) below its top edge. Fill the recesses with the specified Silicone Grease 300 Heavy and press the damper into the steering head until the mark appears in the tapped holes; refit and tighten to the specified torque setting the tapered retaining screws or bolts.

Fig. 7.3

1 -- Steering stem

2 -- Fluidbloc

3 -- Tappered screw or bolt

4 -- Steering lock