13. Footrest: general

  1. The footrests are pivoted, the rider's is being spring-loaded on large alloy plates bolted to the gearbox housing. On the early 100 models the plates were rubber mounted but since they were found to promote vibration they were replaced for the 1986 models by the 75 (rigidly-mounted) type. A modified version which can be fitted to early models was introduced in the US during 1985.
  2. The footrests require no attention save a quick check at intervals that they are securely fastened and that the pivots are unworn; apply a few drops of lubricant at regular intervals to each bearing surface. Check regularly that all components are undamaged. If any are found to be damaged, cracked or braken they must be renewed unless an expert alloy weider can be found.
  3. The footrests can be removed and refitted as major assemblies; it is merely necessary to unscrew the three bolts securing each plate to the gearbox housing to release them, although the rear brake components must be disconnected or removed to release the right-hand plate. On refitting, tighten the bolts to their specified torque setting, where given.

13.1 Footrests are mounted on alloy plates bolted to gearbox housing