14. Stands and controls: general

  1. At regular intervals (see Routine Maintenance - Major Service - 9---Lubricate the controls and stand pivots) the stands. brake pedal and gearchange lever or linkage should be checked and lubricated. Check that all mountings are securely fastened using the specified torque settings if given.
  2. If necessary, dismantle the assembly so that all pivot points and bearing surfaces can be cleaned and greased. Return springs, where fitted, must be in good condition with no trace of fatigue and must be securely mounted.
  3. If accident damage is to be repaired, check that the component is not cracked or braken. Such damage may be repaired by welding if the pieces are taken to an expert but since this will destroy the finish renewal is the most satisfactory course of action. If a component is bent it can be straightened after heating the affected area to a dull cherry red with a blowlamp or welding torch. Again the finish will be destroyed but painted surfaces can be repainted easily, while chromed surfaces can only be replated.