16. Seat: removal and refitting

  1. Remove the side panels, then unlock and raise the seat.
  2. Remove the circlips from the front (early models only) and rear seat hinges and from the supporting arm pivot, withdraw the pivot pins and lift the seat away; on later models it must be moved forwards to disengage the hinge from the front mountinq.
  3. The mounting bracket and hinges may be removed, if necessary, by unscrewing the mounting nuts or bolts.
  4. Note that if the seat mountings are disturbed, the length of the latch pin may require adjustment; this is made by slackening the locknut and screwing the pin in or out until the seat locks correctly when it is bearing fully on the frame.
  5. Seat covers are available as separate items but the fitting of a seat cover is a task for the expert upholsterer only,

Comfort seat K100 serie

Original seat K100 serie

16.2a Remove circlips from seat hinges ...

16.2b ... and from supporting arm to release seat

16.3 Seat mounting bracket may be unbolted, if required