18. Mirrors: removal and refitting

  1. The mirrors fitted to standard models are mounted on stalks which are fastened to the handlebar lever assemblies by nuts and washers, each nut being covered by a cap. If damaged or faulty, they must be renewed as complete assemblies.
  2. On K100RS, K100RT and K100LT models the mirrors are attached to the fairing by mountings which are designed to break off on impact to minimise damage.
  3. To remove the mirrors, hold each one firmly next to the fairing and strike sharply upwards with the palm of the other hand on the outside end of the fairing. This requires a considerable amount of force, so great care is required to ensure that no damage is done. Once one mounting has released the mirror can be manoeuvred off the remaining two. On K100RS models disconnect the turn signal lamp wires, and withdraw the unit.
  4. If they are cracked or damaged, the glasses of these mirrors can be renewed individually. Each is fixed by a ball and socket joint which is hinged to provide adjustment in the vertical and horizontal planes. Insert a lever, behind the glass, pad the edge of the mirror with a cloth to protect its finish and lever the glass out of its socket. Considerable force is again required, quite enough to break the mirror glass, so take great care not to damage the mirror housing. Apply a suitable lubricant to aid refitting.

18.3a Removing mirrors, K100RS - strike sharply upwards ...

18.3b ... to unclip mirror from mountings

18.3c Do not forget to connect turn signal lamp wire on refitting