1. General description

The front forks are of the telescopic type with internal coil springs and hydraulic damping and are built for BMW by Fichtel and Sachs. The original design received a minor modification late in 1984 and a major revision of the damping components in 1986, when the 75 models were introduced. All 75 models and a special edition K100RS were fitted with an integral fork brace. When the K75S model was introduced it was fitted with shorter travel forks which were fitted with two springs in each leg and heavily revised damping components. This type of fork, now offered on other models as 'S' type suspension, carries the same damping components as all other current models in its left-hand fork leg but some are omitted from its right-hand leg. The extra spring, coupled with the preload spacers at the bottom of each leg, gives a much stiller ride than is normal for BMW; these forks must be used only in conjunction with the stiffened K75S rear suspension unit

The steering head bearings are of the taper roller type for all models but the top bearing was modified on 75 models early in 1986 to incorporate a more accurate method of adjustment. Also introduced at this time on 75 models was the 'Fluidbloc' steering damper which consists of a stiff rubber bush lubricated with silicone grease and fixed around the steering stem by grub screws passed through the steering head lug; it can be fitted to any earlier 75 model.

The frame is a spine type, constructed of welded steel tubing and incorporating the engine/transmission unit as a stressed member.

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