6. Front forks: refitting

  1. Use fine abrasive paper to polish away any burrs, raised edges or deposits of corrosion trom the fork stanchions and from the yokes through which they must fit. Smear a light coat of grease over the stanchion upper end and slide the legs into place.
  2. Lightly tighten the pinch bolts so that the legs are just held in the yokes, then check that the tops of the stanchions are flush with the top of the top yoke. Slide the wheel spindle through the spindle lugs to ensure that the fork legs are correctly aligned, then tighten first the top yoke pinch bolts to their specified torque setting, followed by the bottom yoke pinch bolts which must also be tightened to their specified setting. Refit the black plastic cap to the top of each leg.
  3. Refit the fork brace (if fitted) and the front mudguard, followed by the front wheel and the brake calipers.
  4. When the front mudguard and wheel have been refitted, push the machine off its stand, apply the front brake and pump the forks up and down to align the legs and their mountings. Working, from the top downwards tighten all fasteners to their specified torque settings, where available.
  5. Check that all controls are correctly adjusted, that all components are securely fastened and that the suspension works smoothly before using the machine.

6.1 Smear grease over stanchions to aid fitting - do not forget gaiters, if fitted

6.2 Tighten pinch bolts to specified torque settings - do not over tighten