Manual - Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil

13: Fuel rail and injectors: Removal/Examination/Refitting

Note: Before starting work on any part of the fuel system, read the notes given in Section 2 of this Chapter concerning safety precautions.

  1. On K100 RS, K100 RT and K100 LT models remove the fairing left-hand knee pad and lower side panel. See Chapter 7 - Frame & Forks. Wash any dirt or debris away from the cylinder head.
  2. Relieve any residual fuel system pressure. See Section 3.
  3. Disconnect the fuel feed hose from the rail front end, and the regulator hose from its rear end. Withdraw the injector cover (where fitted).
  4. Disconnect the wires from each injector, being careful to disengage the wire clips before pulling off the connector plug. Release the wires from any ties securing them to the fuel rail.
  5. Remove the two bolts securing the fuel rail, noting the metal washers and rubber mounting at each point, then carefully withdraw the rail from the cylinder head, complete with the injectors. Place a wad of clean rag in each injector port to prevent the entry of dirt.
  6. Use a pair of pliers to withdraw the clips securing each injector to the rail. Always renew the sealing O-rings at each end of the injectors whenever they are disturbed.
  7. Check that the fuel rail is clean and free from blockages. No information is available to permit the injectors to be tested or serviced; if faulty they must be renewed.
  8. On reassembly fit a new O-ring to each end of all injectors and apply a smear of grease to aid refitting. Position each injector in the rail cup and secure It with its clip. Check that the metal spacer IS in place in each rail mounting grommet.
  9. Remove the wads of rag and check that each injector port is completely clean, then refit the fuel rail assembly, guiding the injectors carefully into place. Fit a cupped washer over each side of each rail mounting grommet then refit the mounting bolts and their washers. Do not overtighten the mounting bolts; use the specified torque wrench setting, where available.
  10. Arrange the wiring neatly along the fuel rail and refit each connector plug to its respective injector; check that the wire clips lock into place correctly. Secure the wires neatly to the rail with cable ties and refit the injector cover (where fitted).
  11. Push the pressure hoses fully on to their stubs at each end of the rail, then slide each clamp down until it is located behind the stub flared end and secure it firmly.

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13.3 Disconnecting regulator hose from fuel rail rear end

13.4 Disengage wire clip before pulling off each injector connector

13.5a Fuel rail is secured by two bolts - note rubber mountings

13.5b Removing fuel rail, complete with injectors

13.6 Withdraw clip to release injectors from fuel rail

13.8a Be very careful not to damage injector when renewing O-rings

13.8b Always renew sealing O-rings to prevent leaks - do not omit fuel rail mounting spacer