Manual - Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil

14: Air filter housing: removal and refitting

  1. On K100 RS, K100 RT and K100 L T models, remove the fairing knee pads, radiator cover and lower side panels. On K75 S models owners may wish to remove the fairing side panels, or at least their bottom covers, to gain easier access. On all other models, remove the radiator cover panels. See Chapter 7 - Frame & Forks. Removing its top retaining screw (where fitted) withdraw the air intake hose
  2. Although not strictly necessary, the removal of the fuel tank makes work so much easier that it is strongly recommended.
  3. Release the three retaining clips which secure the filter assembly top and bottom halves, then withdraw the filter element; note that the single front clip is lifted upwards to release it and that the filter is withdrawn diagonally to the rear.
  4. Slacken the clamp which secures the plenum chamber end of the air filter /plenum chamber hose; this is extremely awkward to reach with the fuel tank and/or radiator in place and will require the careful use of a suitable screwdriver.
  5. With the clamp slackened, pull the air filter top half away from the plenum chamber. Again this is awkward due to the presence of the pieces of insulating material. To enable the filter top half to be completely removed, the airflow meter must be detached so that its connector plug can be unfastened.
  6. To remove the airflow meter, unscrew the two retaining screws in the filter top half then invert it and slacken the clamp which secures the air filter end of the connecting hose. Withdraw the meter, noting carefuly how the wiring is routed. then disengage the wire clip and unplug the meter connector. Pull the meter lead and sealing grommet through the air filter top half aperture and withdraw the filter top half. Place the airflow meter in a clean secure container where it cannot be damaged.
  7. Unscrew the two Allen screws securing the filter bottom half to the crankcase and withdraw it, noting the metal washers on each side of the rubber mounting grommet.
  8. On refitting, tighten the filter bottom half retaining Allen screws securely to the specified torque setting, where given.
  9. Refit the electrical lead to the air filter top half and plug its connector into the airflow meter. Position the airflow meter in the filter so that the lead is correctly routed, then refit and tighten the meter mounting screws securely. Do not overtighten these screws or the mounting bracket may be cracked; note that it is available as a separate component if it is found to be cracked at any time.
  10. Ensuring that the connecting hose is pushed fully into place on the mounting stubs, position and tighten the two clamps securely.
  11. Refit the filter element, ensuring that its sealing lips and guide tabs engage fully with those of the filter top and bottom halves, particularly on the filter left-hand side which cannot be seen easily. Note that the side with the Top-Oben marking must be at the rear and the element must be installed so that the arrow points upwards. When the filter is securely positioned so that no unfiltered air can leak past, fasten the retaining clips.
  12. Refit the air intake hose and radiator cover panels or fairing components, and the fuel tank (where necessary).
  13. Note that the plenum chamber can be removed either by breaking the clips securing it to the throttle butterfly assemblies, which will require new clips and the use of a special tool on reassembly, or by removing it complete with the butterfly assemblies. Refer to Section 16 of this Chapter for details.
  14. Note: The cleaning and renewal of the air filter element are covered in the Maintenance - Major Service - Renew the air filter element of this Manual.

14.4 Clamp at plenum chamber end of air filter /chamber hose is very difficult to reach

14.6a Remove two screws from top of air filter top half ...

14.6b ... then slacken hose clamp to release airflow meter

14.6c Disengage wire clip before disconnecting meter plug

14.7a Air filter bottom half is retained by two Allen screws ...

14.7b ... note metal washers fitted to crankcase mountings - do not omit