Manual - Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil

20: Compensating for high altitude - US models

  1. Machines which are operated for any length of time at altitudes of more than 4000 feet (1200 metres) above sea level must be modified to ensure that the mixture remains correct. This normally involves fitting smaller main jets on carburettor-equipped machines, but on the models covered in this manual an electrical connection is made to the injection control unit.
  2. A socket from an extension of the engine wiring loom is clipped to the frame tube behind the left-hand side panel. To adapt the machine tor higher altitudes remove the side panel, withdraw the socket cover plug and plug in the correcting adapter.
  3. The adapter, and the warning label which must be attached to the machine to satisfy EPA requirements are available from authorised BMW dealers. Ensure that the adapter is removed and the cover plug refitted to the socket when the machine is operated at lower altitudes.