Manual - Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil

25: Oil pump pick-up filter gauze: cleaning

  1. The filter gauze should be cleaned whenever the sump (oil pan) is removed or the engine and/or oil pump are overhauled.
  2. Referring to Maintenance - Minor Service - Change the engine oil and filter, drain the engine oil and remove the oil filter
  3. Unscrew the retaining bolts around the periphery of the sump (oil pan), tap it with a soft faced mallet to break the seal, and withdraw it. Carefully remove all traces of old sealant from both mating surfaces and thoroughly clean the sump (inside and outside). Use a clean, lint-free rag, to wipe down the inside of the crankcase
  4. Remove the retaining Allen screw and manoeuvre the pick-up assembly out of the crankcase. Note the sealing 0-ring set in a groove in the pipe aperture in the crankcase wall. around the pick-up pipe's upper (oil pump) end; this must be displaced, using a suitable pointed instrument, and renewed whenever it is disturbed. Wash the pick-up thoroughly in a high flash-point solvent and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any particles of foreign matter.
  5. When the pick-up is complete, clean and dry, fit a new 0-ring to the groove in the pipe aperture in the crankcase wall and apply a smear of grease to the pipe end. Carefully refit the pick-up, taking care not to displace the sealing 0-ring and ensuring that the rubber grommet is seated correctly in its bracket. Tighten the pick-up retaining screw securely, using the specified torque wrench setting, where given.
  6. Degrease the mating surfaces and apply a thin smear of Loctite 574 (early models) or Three Bond 1207 B sealant. Refit the sump (oil pan) and tighten its retaining screws securely to the specified torque wrench setting, working progressively and evenly in a diagonal sequence from the centre outwards.
  7. Refit the engine oil drain plug and oil filter, then refill the crankcase with oil as described in Routine Maintenance - Check the engine oil level.

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25.3 Withdraw sump (oil pan) to reach pump pick-up filter gauze

25.4 Pick-up assembly is retained by a single Allen screw

25.5a Note sealing 0-ring set in crankcase wall ...

25.5b ... and rubber grommet - ensure this is fitted correctly in mounting bracket