Manual - Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil

7: Fuel gauge sender unit: removal/refitting

  1. The low fuel level warning lamp system is operated by a float-type level sensor mounted in the base of the fuel tank. Check the system as described in Chapter 10 - Electrical.

    Note: Refer to the warnings given in Section 2 of this Chapter before starting work on any part of the fuel system.

  2. If the sender unit is to be removed, withdraw the fuel tank and drain the fuel into a suitably-marked container. See Section 5 of this Chapter.
  3. Remove the fuel filler cap. See Section 6. Check that the ignition is switched off.
  4. Disconnect the fuel pump wires, noting which wire is attached to which pump terminal, then invert the tank on to a layer of clean cloth to protect its paintwork and peel back the flap of insulating material which covers the sender unit undersides (later models only).
  5. On early models unscrew the gland nut and withdraw the sender unit from its location on the rear of the pump. On later models remove the four retaining screws and withdraw the sender unit, taking care not to bend the float arm.
  6. As mentioned in Chapter 10 - Electrical, the sender unit cannot be repaired or adjusted and must be renewed if faulty.
  7. On reassembly, always renew the sealing washer or a-ring to prevent leaks and tighten securely the gland nut or mounting screws. Note that the later type of sender unit is refitted with the (smaller thread size) yellow wire on the left-hand side of the tank so that the electrical lead projects to the rear. Be careful to connect the wires correctly to the pump.

7.4 Fuel gauge sender unit is mounted in underside of tank - later type shown

7.5 Take care not to bend arm on later type of sender unit

7.7 Always renew seal or O-ring to prevent risk of fuel leaks