Manual - Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil

8: Fuel filter: removal / refitting

Note: Before starting work on any part of the fuel system, read the notes given in Section 2 of this Chapter concerning safety precautions.

  1. Unlock and raise the filler cap, then remove it as described in Section 6. Relieve any residual fuel system pressure. See Section 3.
  2. Using a long-bladed screwdriver, slacken the clamp securing the filter short hose to the metal pipe, carefully pull the filter assembly off the metal pipe stub and withdraw the filter from the tank; there should be sufficient length in the long filter/pump hose to permit this. Slacken the clamps and withdraw the filter from the hoses. If the clamps are not the smaller (12 mm) type they should be discarded and the modified item fitted.
  3. Discard the old filter, disposing of it tidily and safely, then install the new component, using the markings on the filter housing to ensure that the fuel flow direction is correct.
  4. Note: The filter has been modified; the old unit, which can be identified by the manufacturer's marks being stamped into it, was found on occasions to crack around the stamp marks, thus causing a significant loss of pressure and hard starting. The modified component has a thicker housing and can be identified by the manufacturer's marks which are now inked on. Always use the modified component.
  5. On refitting, slide the hoses fully on to their metal stubs and slide down the clamps until they are located behind the metal pipe flared ends; tighten the clamps securely.
  6. Refit the filler cap. See Section 6. Ensure that its seal is of the modified type (where applicable) and refitted correctly to prevent water from leaking in.

8.3 Marks on fuel filter casing shown direction of fuel flow - ensure modified type of filter is fitted on renewal