Manual - Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil

9: Fuel pump: removal / refitting

Note: Before starting work on any part of the fuel system, read the notes given in Section 2 of this Chapter concerning safety precautions.

  1. Remove the filler cap. See Section 6. Check that the ignition is switched off.
  2. Disconnect the fuel pump wires by unscrewing the terminal nuts; although there should be no possibility of confusion since the terminals are of different sizes, note which wire is attached to which terminal. Relieve any residual fuel system pressure, see Section 3.
  3. Disconnect the fuel pump/filter hose, slackening the clamp with a long-bladed screwdriver.
  4. On later models, disconnect the pump gauze filter breather hose from its stub.
  5. Squeeze together the nylon ears of the pump retaining ring and withdraw the assembly.
  6. On refitting, ensure that there is no dirt or water in the fuel tank and that all pump components are absolutely clean. Check that the mesh strainer is securely fastened. If the hose clamps are not the smaller (12 mm) type they should be discarded and the modified items fitted.
  7. Fit the pump to its mounting bracket so that the (smaller) positive (+ ve) terminal is on the left-hand side, in approximately the 10- 11 o'clock position. Push the pump firmly into place and check that the retaining ring ears clip into position.
  8. Re-connect the mesh filter breather tube (later models only) and the pump/filter hose. Push the hose fully on to its stub and slide down the clamp until it is located behind the stub flared end; tighten the clamp securely.
  9. Connect the pump wires to their terminals; the yellow wire must be connected to the smaller positive (+ ve) terminal, the black wire to the larger negative (- ve) terminal. Ensure that the terminal nuts are securely fastened.
  10. Refit the filler cap.

9.4 On later models, do not forget to disconnect pump filter gauze breather hose

9.5 Squeeze together mounting 'ears' (arrowed) to realese pump assembly - note smaller terminal is on tank left side (uppermost in photo)