Manual - Chapter 3 Gearbox

9. Refitting the gearbox to the frame

  1. If the gearbox has just been dismantled make a final check that all components have been refitted and secured correctly, that all shafts are free to rotate and that all gears can be selected with reasonable ease. On 75 models, and 100 models if required, lubricate and install the clutch pushrod. See Chapter 2 - Clutch.
  2. 2 Apply a thin coat of the specified lubricant to the splines of the clutch friction plate and the gearbox input shaft, also to the various components of the clutch release mechanism. See Chapter 2 - Clutch.
  3. 3 If any problems were encountered due to corrosion when separating the gearbox from the bellhousing, thoroughly clean the mating surfaces and dowels with a soft wire brush and apply a thin smear of grease to prevent corrosion in the future. Check that both dowels and the rubber fillet are refitted.
  4. 4 Offer up the gearbox to the rear of the engine, aligning the clutch/input shaft splines and the locating dowels. Although there should be no real difficulty in this, some manoeuvring may be required to get the splines to mate correctly; if necessary select top gear and rotate the output shaft back and forth to assist the input shaft in engaging.
  5. 5 When the gearbox is correctly installed, refit the six retaining Allen screws, tightening each to their specified torque setting, then refit the two gearbox/frame mounting Allen bolts and tighten them to the appropriate torque wrench settings.
  6. 6 Refit the stand assembly, tightening securely its four mounting Allen screws. Lower the centra stand and lower the complete machine until it is securely supported on the stand and front wheel. Refit the starter motor (see Chapter 10 - Electrical) and the clutch release mechanism components (see Chapter 2 - Clutch). Connect the clutch cable and adjust it as described in Maintenance - Major Service - Check and adjust the clutch.
  7. 7 Working as described in Chapter 8 - Final drive, refit the swinging arm and final drive shaft, the final drive case and rear brake components and secure the rear suspension unit bottom mounting to the final drive case. Refit the footrest plates, the rear mudguard, the rear wheel and the number plate bracket.
  8. 8 Connect the rear brake operating rod (where appropriate), the speedometer impulse transmitter wire, the stop lamp rear switch wire and the gear position indicator switch wire.
  9. 9 Refit the exhaust system. See Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil.
  10. 10 Refit the ignition HT coil and alternator covers and the battery and coolant expansion tank. Refit the fuel injection control unit and storage tray (see Chapter 5 - Fuel & Oil) followed by the seat and side panels.
  11. 11 Refill the gearbox with the specified amount and type of oil, then check the level. See Maintenance - Minor Service - Check the gearbox oil level.


9.2 Lubricate input shaft splines and clutch release on refitting - note locating dowels projecting from bellhousing rear face