Manual - Chapter 6 - Ignition system

3. Ignition control unit: removal and refitting

  1. Remove the fuel tank. See Chapter 5 - Fuel tank components: removal and refitting.
  2. Observing the precautions noted in Section 2 of this Chapter, peel back the waterproof cap from the rear of the control unit and unplug its connector.
  3. Remove the mounting nuts and washers and manoeuvre the unit clear of the frame tubes, noting the locating tab which projects into a rubber grommet at the front of the unit.
  4. Refitting is the reverse of the above: take great care to ensure that the connection is securely fastened and that the waterproof cover is refitted.
  5. Note that all 100 models from early 1985 onwards were fitted with a modified unit which has a strengthened, ribbed cover, and improved sealing arrangements to exclude moisture.

3.2 Ignition control unit is mounted just behind the steering head