3. Rear wheel: removal and refitting

  1. Place the machine on its centre stand so that it is supported securely with the rear wheel clear of the ground. Unlock and raise the seat then remove the tail storage compartment lid.
  2. Slacken the two nuts (either wingnuts or ordinary nuts with plastic caps) on the floor of the storage compartment and remove (working from outside the rear of the tail unit) the two screws from underneath the tail lamp assembly. Withdraw the number plate bracket. On machines with disc rear brakes, prise off the wheel hub cover.
  3. Either select top gear or apply the rear brake to prevent wheel rotation, then unscrew the mounting bolts, noting their conical spacers. Withdraw the wheel, noting the large metal washer fitted on disc brake models. On drum brake models, it may be necessary to slacken off the brake adjusting nut to release the wheel.
  4. On refitting, check that the mating surfaces of the wheel and the final drive mounting flange are completely clean and free from grease, also the mounting bolts and their threads. On machines with disc rear brakes, do not forget to refit the large metal washer. Note also that the bolts are not interchangeable between models; drum brake models have bolts 55 mm long (indicated by the number 55 marked on the bolt heads) and disc brake models have bolts 60 mm long (indicated by the number 60 marked on the bolt heads).
  5. Fit the rear wheel and mounting bolts. Ensure that the conical spacers under the bolt heads engage correctly with the wheel tapered surfaces. Tighten the mountings securely using a torque wrench or the machine's own tools. With its own tubular extension the wheel nut spanner provided will need only normal hand pressure to tighten the mounting to approximately the correct torque setting. Check the tightness of the mountings with a torque wrench as soon as possible.
  6. Refit the wheel hub cover (disc rear brakes only) and the number plate bracket. Where appropriate, check the adjustment of the rear brake.
    See Maintenance - Major service - 14: Check and overhaul the brakes ;
    14.1: Check and renew the brake fluid (disc brakes - front and rear) ;
    14.2: Check and renew the brake pads (disc brakes - front and rear) and
    14.3: Check the Drum rear brake.
  7. On machines with drum rear brakes, if the rear brake feels spongy or imprecise in operation at any time, but particularly after the rear wheel has been disturbed the shoes will probably need to be centralised on the drum. Slacken the wheel mounting bolts, spin the wheel and apply the brake hard. Maintain full pressure while the mounting bolts are tightened to the specified torque wrench setting. Re-check the brake adjustment.

3.2 On machines with disc rear brakes prise off hub cover

3.4 Mating surfaces must be absolutely clean on refitting - do not forget metal washer (where fitted)

3.5a Ensure conical spacers are refitted correctly ...

3.5b ... before tightening wheel bolts to specified torque setting

3.6 Do not forget to refit hub cover