4. Wheel bearings: removal, examination and refitting

  1. Check the bearings for wear as described in Routine Maintenance.

Front wheel

  1. Remove the wheel from the machine. See Section 2 - Front wheel: removal and refitting.
  2. Note that BMW recommend that the wheel is heated to approximately 100°C (212°F) to install the wheel bearings. If this is to be done the brake discs, balance weights, tyre and valve should be removed first, as described in the relevant Sections of this Chapter, to prevent damage to them.
  3. Due to the tight fit of the central spacer, the bearings can only be removed using a slide-hammer or other puller with the correct internally-expanding adapter.
  4. With the bearings removed, wash them in a high flash-point solvent and check them for wear or damage. If any signs of wear or damage is discovered, if free play was found at the wheel rim, or if either bearing rotates roughly bath must be renewed. Pack the bearings with grease before reassembly.
  5. On reassembly, BMW recommend that the hub is heated to 100°C (212°F); healing such a large compound evenly will prove very difficult and must be done with great care. The simplest course may well prove to be stripping the wheel (see paragraph 3 above) and placing it in a large container, then slowly pouring boiling water over it, avoiding splashes. Take great care to avoid any risk of personal injury or of component damage when heating components or when handling components that have been heated.
  6. Fit the first bearing into the heated hub with its sealed surface outwards and tap it firmly into place against its locating shoulder with a hammer and a tubular drift such as a socket spanner which bears only on the bearing outer race. Invert the wheel, check that both bearings are fully packed with the specified grease and refit the central spacer, followed by the remaining bearing, which is fitted as described above.
  7. Refit the valve, tyre, balance weights and discs (if disturbed) and check that the wheel rotates freely and easily on the spindle before refitting.

Rear wheel

  1. 9 Note that the rear wheel is bolted to the flange of the final drive crownwheel and therefore has no bearings of its own. If play is detected at the wheel rim this can only be due (assuming the mounting bolts are securely fastened) to worn bearings in the final drive assembly. Since the overhaul of this is beyond the scope of this manual and of most owners, the machines should be taken to an authorised BMW dealer for attention.

4.7a Bearings are refitted with sealed surfaces outwards ...

4.7b ... and are tapped down to locating shoulder as shown

4. 7c Do not forget to refit central spacer before second bearing is installed