Terminology - English/American

Because this book has been written in England, British English component names, phrases and spellings have been used throughout. American English usage is quite often different and whereas normally no confusion should occur, a list of equivalent terminology is given below.
English American English American
Air filter Air cleaner Mudgard Fender
Alignment (headlamp) Aim Number plate License plate
Allen screw/key Socket screw/wrench Output of layshaft Countershaft
Anticlockwise Counterclockwise Panniers Side cases
Bottom/top gear Low/high gear Paraffin Kerosene
Bottom/top yoke Bottom/top triple clamp Petrol Gasoline
Bush Bushing Petrol/fuel tank Gas tank
Carburettor Carburetor Pinking Pinging
Catch Latch Rear suspension unit Rear shock absorber
Circlip Snap ring Rocker cover Valve cover
Clutch drum Clutch housing Selector Shifter
Dip switch Dimmer switch Self-locking pliers Vise-grips
Disulphide Disulfide Side or parking lamp Parking or auxilary light
Dynamo DC generator Side or prop stand Kick stand
Earth Ground Silencer Muffler
End float End play Spanner Wrench
Engineer's blue Machinist's dye Split pin Cotter pin
Exhaust pipe Header Stanchion Tube
Fault diagnosis Trouble shooting Sulphuric Sulfuric
Float chamber Float bowl Sump Oil pan
Footrest Footpeg Swinging arm Swingarm
Fuel/patrol tap Petcock Tab washer Lock washer
Gaiter Boot Top box Trunk
Gearbox Transmission Two/four stroke Two/four cycle
Gearchange Shift Tyre Tire
Gudgeon pin Wrist/piston pin Valve collar Valve retainer
Indicator Turn signal Valve collets Valve cotters
Inlet Intake Vice Vise
Input shaft or mainshaft Mainshaft Wheel spindle Axle
Kickstart Kickstarter White spirit Stoddard solvent
Lower leg Slider Windscreen Windshield

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